The softest blankets woven with the longest, smoothest and finest fibers from the Alpaca. Fibers that have an extraordinary softness and lightness. These fibers are more durable and warmer than other natural fibers. The hairs are combed and sorted by hand. MICHALA blankets are woven with the finest of the hairs, which makes the blankets extra soft, they fluff minimally and they fall beautifully.

The alpaca lives freely in the Andes Mountains in large herds at an altitude of 3.000 to 5.000 meters, in a climate where the temperature can fluctuate from -20 to +30 degrees in a single day. The alpaca can be up to 20-25 years and is cut once a year. Alpaca hair does not contain lanolin and can therefore be cleaned without any use of harmful chemicals.

MICHALA blankets can be used on top of the bed on cold nights and match our Champagne coloured GIZA bed linen perfectly. The blankets can also be used in the living room, in the boat or for the outdoor lounge. Choose between a baby blanket – 90×90 cm and varying sizes reaching up to a 180×600 cm long family plaid. Our travel blanket – size 100×180 cm can also be used as a nice warm and soft shawl, as it falls beautifully and lightly over your shoulders.

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    Our blankets are of the highest quality and we have a large range of sizes. To avoid overproduction and waste of resources, all our blankets are made to order, hence the delivery time of 3-4 weeks, but it may be faster.

    If you want a length longer than 6 meters or have any questions, then please send us an email at

    100% Alpaca
    To spare the blanket, we recommend dry cleaning.


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