MY JOY / The story

Michala Stigkjær, who is the creator of the luxury brand MICHALA, has given the brand her own name as a signature to her dedication and as the customers’ guarantee for buying a strongly profiled high-end product.

Michala Stigkjær, “It has been a long journey from the idea and to the finished products. I wasn’t content with the best quality, I wanted to know every needle and every hand, which my products were to meet in the process of their making. I wanted the products to be tested, so Technological Institute has done the testing and approved them according to my strict demands.

I wanted all the pieces of bed linen to be certified with Oeko-Tex, Product Class 1, which is pure enough to be used by newborn babies. My goal and my dream of a 100% uncompromising quality product has been my guiding star.”

That is why MICHALA is a 100 % exclusive and uncompromising product for the quality conscious customer, who wishes to add an extra dimension of luxury, comfort and joy to everyday life. A product that is both designed and sewn in Denmark to be put and wrapped up in Danish handmade packing.