In order to ensure minimal impact on the environment and increase the lifetime of our products we follow these guidelines:

High Quality Fabrics
Designed for long lifetime
Responsible production – Local Production
Oeko-Tex ISO100 Class 1
Production on Demand
Reusable packaging
Mono-Material is committed to operating as a sustainable company. We are very aware of producing high quality products and thereby increasing the lifetime of each product. Our customers should be proud of the products they buy from us and be able to use them for several years with little deterioration of the products. Our products are designed with the intention of being used on both the front- and backside, hence the possibility of customizing for instance a pillow or bedlinen with two different sides in order to increase the usability and durability.

The impact of production on the environment should be as gentle as possible, and that is why we only produce our textiles in Europe in companies that are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and taking care of the local and global environment. Furthermore, the Oeko-Tex ISO100 Class 1 certificate on all our products secures the customers that no harmful chemicals have been used in the entire production line – from the yarn to the finished product that is shipped to the customers.

The design process and customization is done locally in Denmark, as well as the finishing of the products by our seamstresses. Our seamstresses, small one-man businesses, are ready to cut and sew the fabrics as soon as an order has been placed on We have no finished products in stock, we only produce on demand. Excess fabrics are used for quilted blankets, etc. The packaging, also made in Denmark, is made from high quality paper in the form of solid boxes. We encourage our customers to reuse these boxes, which is perfect for storage, repackaging, etc.