Please follow this guide to easily compose your very own quality pillowcase in 100% cotton

Put together your pillowcase, even with different patterns on the two sides. If you want to examine the patterns more closely, click the magnifying glass which appears when the mouse is placed on the photo.
It is important that you ALWAYS choose the same colour for both sides, since darker colours can bleed into lighter when washed.

Choose size of pillowcase and then the numbers. If you are in doubt about the size of the pillowcase, measure the pillow (height and width) and choose a pillowcase with the same measures – don’t measure a washed pillowcase (it might have shrunk by washing).

  1. By clicking the patterns at the right side, you choose the patterns that you want on the the two sides of your pillowcase. The photos to the left change according to your choices.
  2. NOTE: always choose the same colour for the two sides, since dark colours may bleed.
  3. Put your product in the basket when you have finished mixing the patterns.

Please note that you cannot return your purchase as it is customized exactly to fit your wishes and thus not is a standard product.
The screen colours are not a 100% like the physical colour of the material.
The white jacquard quality is not recommended for duvets and pillows with colours or patterns, since some colours and patterns are visible through the delicate jacquard.


Product Description

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