MICHALA bed linen is absolutely in a class of it’s own and made with love to enhance your beauty sleep

Danish design, woven in Italy and tailor made in Denmark in order to provide you with the customized bed linen of your dreams

Our mission are to proliferate joy and wellness in the world by improving your sleep.

A good night’s sleep affects our beauty, our moods, our abilities, in fact our lives at large. The average person sleeps almost 3000 hours in a year, approximately one third of our time. Sleep is necessary to rejuvenate our minds and bodies, and to restore our immune system. A lack of sleep, or an uneasy sleep can affect our mood and dull our senses.

Paying attention to the quality of our sleep routine and sleeping accommodations, can really make a difference. It is a serious and deeply personal investment to acquire luxury bed linen, and we believe it is an essential support to wake up feeling renewed with an abundance of energy and eager to start the day.

Choosing the right bed, a lovely duvet and a thousand pillows is not enough to secure your sleep. You need to smother your sleep in the softest bed linens, allowing your skin to breathe, and the linens to release moisture. Superior linens will gently caress your body and give you peace of mind and luxury, very much akin to the soft feeling of the finest silk chemise.

The quality of your sleep will boost every tired cell in your body, and recharge your batteries while you are resting in pure luxury.

Michala bed linens are woven sustainably in Italy without harmful chemicals. Since the fabric is sewed by our seamstresses in Denmark upon request (made to order), we can reduce the costs of storage and transportation. The exquisite quality extends the life of the product by several years. We take great care to ensure a gentle production whereby we can reuse every bit of excess fabric and avoid waste.
Even our packaging is handmade without plastic and so beautiful that they’re often reused as personal treasure chests.

Enjoy your sleep Deluxe

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