A monogram is a personal signature symbol that personalizes your belongings and consist of initials, an icon, or a combination of both.

Once you have your own monogram, it can be used in many different ways and on countless materials. The monogram can for example be transferred on paper, wood, porcelain and embroidered on textiles.

Embroidered napkins with the family monogram were often used in the past. The napkins were used for several days in a row. So to know the family members’ napkins from each other, each member had his or her own napkin ring. In addition to the fact that it is beautiful and very personal to decorate the dinner table with your own personal embroidered napkins, it also a good way to reduces overuse of fabric to protect the environment – especially if the napkins are made in the highest linen quality, because then the napkins will last for years.

  • Order your own personal monogram

    If you want your own personal monogram, we can design it especially for you. We have two price ranges: a standard design that is designed based on simple elements, and our unique design, where we design something completely unique for you. You can be sure that no matter if you choose a standard design or a unique design, it will be exclusive. Your personal monogram is yours, and you will receive it in several formats, so you can use it freely on for example invitations, table cards and thank you cards for your wedding. The monogram will be saved in our system for embroidery reorders on MICHALA Copenhagen products.

    Standard design is a simple design where the letters will be in their respective fonts and with an "&" sign or "heart" between the letters. Design time 2-4 days, after which you will have it for approval.
    (Example of a standard design) 

    Unique design we will contact you to hear your wishes for the monogram, so we can design a completely unique and personal monogram for you. Design time up 2 weeks or until you are satisfied with the design.
    (Example of a unique design)

    *Choose between standard, unique design or your own monogram

    If you already have a monogram that you would like to have embroidered on your MICHALA Copenhagen product, select "Have a monogram".

    Upload your monogram in PDF or eps format.

    • (max file size 1 GB)

    Write the two initials you want in your personal monogram in the text box below, including an "&" character or a "+" (for a heart) between the two letters. Write for example M&T

    Write the initials in the text box below you would like in your personal monogram. We will contact you directly to hear more exact your wishes for your monogram.

    *Embroidery of the monogram

    If you would like your monogram embroidered on our napkins or bed linen, we recommend that you order everything at the same time. Choose whether you want your monogram embroidered on a MICHALA Copenhagen product.

    Get the monogram embroidered on napkins or bed linen

    When the monogram has to be embroidered on textiles, a special embroidery file must be programmed, which has a one-time price per size. The embroidery file will be saved for later, so you at any one time can reorder your mongram in the same size and only pay for the number of embroideries. The price of the embroidery file depends on how big or small the monogram should be.
    One-time price per size: from 54€

    The price per embroidery depends on the size of the monogram from which the embroidery file is programmed.
    Embroidery price per piece: from 5,4€


    Write in the comment field below if you have any special wishes for your monogram, or which of your MICHALA Copenhagen products that are going to embroidered. We will contact you if we have any questions for you about your monogram. If you have any other questions or you are in doubt about something, you are always welcome to send us an email to info@michala.dk


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