If you follow our recommendations for maintenance, we guarantee that your MICHALA bed linen will stay beautiful for a minimum of 10 years

We recommend ironing or roller ironing of all the bed linen, like they did 70 years ago – the bed linen will then stay beautiful and soft.

The benefits of ironing or roller ironing
1. Protection of the cotton fibers – the bed linen will therefore last longer.
2. It remains beautiful, highlights the patterns and retains the luster of the Jacquard weave.
3. The bed linen becomes much softer.
4. Curls less during sleep.
5. It is addictive to sleep in freshly ironed or freshly rolled bed linen once you have tried it.

It is easier to iron or roller iron the bed linen if it´s slightly damp and has not been in the dryer.

1. All bed linen must be washed before first use in order to increase the absorption capacity of the fabrics and to secure a controlled shrinkage for best fit. Remember to close the zipper in the bed linen when washing.

2. White, bright and delicate colours must be washed separately to maintain the original colours. Use only detergents containing bleach or optical white for entirely white bed linen.

3. Follow the instructions from the washing machine producer in relation to filling of the machine.

4. Avoid using fabric-softener as it limits the absorption capacity of the fibers and increases flocculation. Also avoid treating stains with a stain remover product.

5. Be aware of bleaching or deterioration of the fibers from certain cosmetics and hair products.

6. Wash white bed linen at 60°- 90°C, with a detergent for white fabric. It is fine if the detergent contains bleach or optical white. You can sometimes add half a cup of lemon juice together with the detergent or 1-2 deciliter of chlorine (depending on the amount of fabric) in the washing machine dispenser, and then perform the wash. If chlorine was added, we recommend that you wash the bed linen again without chlorine.

7. Coloured bed linen should only be washed at a maximum of 40°C and with detergents suitable for coloured textiles – must not contain bleach.

8. Remove the bed linen immediately from the machine to reduce wrinkling.

9. Lightly stretch the bed linen when hanging it to dry.

10. We recommend that bed linen is always air-dried, since it reduces curling, and protects the cotton fibers. Although cotton is the world’s strongest natural fiber and can withstand tumble drying, we do not recommend it for the sake of the cotton fibers, curls and the environment.

11. Egyptian cotton fibers usually shrink about 2-4% in width and 3-5% in length. Your bed linen should always be slightly smaller than your duvet and pillow so that the are held in place and are filled completely in the corners.

12. We recommend Classic Cottonwash for all our coloured bed linen. Classic Cottonwash is a detergent that maintains the fibers, the color and the clarity.

13. Always iron or roller iron your bed linen, it will be softer, less curly and stay more beautiful for many years.

Stain removal
If there are blood stains, red wine stains and similar brightly colored stains on your colored bed linen, the stains must immediately be moistened with clean COLD water without soap until the stains are dissolved. If the stains do not disappear, we recommend that the bed linen is sent directly to dry cleaning


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