• All bed linen must be washed before first use – this increases the absorption of the fabrics and secures shrinkage to ensure the best fit.

• White, bright and intensive colours must be washed separately to maintain the original colours. And for colour wash – No bleach or optical white.

• Correct dosage of washing powder is essential to avoid calcareous deposits in the fibres.

• Follow the instructions from the washing machine producer in relation to filling of the machine.

• Avoid using fabric-softener as it limits the absorption capacity of the fibres and increases flocculation.

• Avoid soaking, and treat tough stains with a stain remover product.

• Be aware of bleaching from certain cosmetics and hair products.

• Remember to close the zipper when washing.

• Wash white bed linen at 60°- 90°C so it remains white. In order to preserve the original colour,
non-white textiles should only be washed at a maximum of 40°C and with detergents suitable for coloured textiles.

• Remove the product immediately from the machine to reduce wrinkling, and lightly stretch the product.

• Light tumble drying results in a softer and more airy surface. Remove the product immediately from the machine to reduce wrinkles.

• The bedding generally shrinks around 2-4% in width and 3-5% in length.

• We recommend ironing all our cotton products to preserve the shine.
The products are easier to iron when slightly moist.

• We recommend Classic Cottonwash for our products, a detergent which maintains the fibres, the color and the clarity because our products are 100% cotton.