Enjoy this sleeping mask with the scent of lavender for a quiet moment and feel all the good and wonderful things around you!

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    Use it as it is
    Use the sleeping mask as it is and it will have a slightly cooling effect.

    For swollen eyes, headache or refreshing effect
    For a more cooling effect, put the sleeping mask in the freezer for a minimum of one hour depending on how long the cooling effect is desired.

    For a more relaxed effect or for irritated eyes
    Put the sleeping mask in the microwave for 30 seconds on high heat and it will feel relaxing and make you very sleepy...

    The outer bag is made from 100% Egyptian cotton or 100% Egyptian GIZA cotton. It can be removed and washed over and over again.
    Since our sleeping masks are sewn from leftovers, the patterns can vary and only the color can be selected.

    The inner bag is made from 100% Egyptian cotton or 100% Egyptian GIZA cotton. It will always be made from leftovers in color SNOW.
    The inner bag contains dried organic lavender and organic seeds.
    Important: The inner bag cannot be washed.

    Enjoy it!


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