100% uncompromising
We want all our customers to get something unique and exclusive in the highest quality.

Specialized in top luxury sustainable textiles
We design exquisite customized and personalized sustainable first-class bed linen collections for: Superyachts & Luxury Cruise Ships, Luxury Hotels & Boutique Hotels, Exclusive Resorts or Private homes. We can produce from very small and exclusive quantities to huge collections – always with a professional and personal commitment behind.

Unique & exceptional
In collaboration with you, we can develop and design something especially for you with your monogram, logo icon, symbol, sign or trademark. A unique Jacquard pattern for a small exclusive bed linen collection in the best Italian quality.

We can take care of everything from design, choice of quality and color to the finished product. Structure: Jacquard, Satin, Percale in a variety of color options or digital printing.
Qualities: Cotton, Linen or Silk.

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at info@michala.dk or call +45 28 919 777


Unique Bed & Bath collections designed according to the customer’s requirements for design expression in confection, color and quality – for large and small exclusive collections.

MICHALA Copenhagen collections are produced with the finest, strongest, longest and most exceptional cotton fibers in the world. All these extra durable cotton qualities, with an extraordinary fineness and softness, is ideal for custom-made Jacquard patterns. MICHALA Copenhagen luxury qualities will be tested and approved before starting the production and when the collection is delivered a quality document from the Danish Technological Institute will be included.

Classic collections are produced with selected and extra good cotton fibers. These durable cotton qualities are for the daily luxury when something more than the ordinary luxury is expected. Selected qualities in the Classic collections will be available for custom-made Jacquard patterns. The Classic collections are produced under MICHALA Copenhagen’s unique high quality requirements.


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