In 1972 Ole Flensted designed the elephant for the mobile “Elephant Party”. The Elefant is one of the icons for Flensted Mobiles. In his spare time, Ole is a balloonist, his balloon is named “Aeris Elephanti” displays 12 big, black, 2-meter tall elephants. For years I have worked with Ole on marketing Flensted Mobiles. By now our co-operation has developed into a spectacular elephant pat- tern for luxury bed linen. I admire Ole Flensted, and I am proud of presenting Ole’s elephant in “The Elephant” pattern.


A good bed provides a better and more harmonic sleep, and at one of Denmark’s best specialists, Schwarz in Østerbro, Copenhagen, you will find some of Europe’s top brands in beds and mattresses, e.g. Carpe Diem, Röwa, Dunlopillo, Getama, Jensen Beds, Schramm and Villy Nørgaard.Schwarz takes your ergonomic and orthopaedic aspects into account and will help determine your individual measurements to find the best bed system for you. At Schwarz beds you can see and experience the quality of our bed linen.schwarz.dk


Ulrik Hartmann is the owner of the jewelry shop Hartmanns in Bredgade, Copenhagen, and he is one of the leading jewellers of Scandinavia. Ulrik has a passion for coloured diamonds, which shows in Hartmanns’ designs for the rare pink diamond. The jewellery on the photos is from Hartmanns.